What are stickypics?

These are frames that have adhesives that enable you to stick them to various flat clean surfaces. You upload your pictures, we print and Frame beautifully with stickypics adhesive frames and ship to your door step. You stick and have fun while at it.

Do the adhesives wear off?

Ideally they should not, you can stick, remove and re-stick. This can be done numerous times. Kindly contact us if you have any issues.

What sizes do stickypics come in?

They come in just one size, 8 x 8 inches. We are working on including more frame size options.

Do you deliver nationwide?

Yes, we deliver to all states in the federation

How long does delivery take?

Delivery takes between 2 to 5 working days. Delivery duration depends on your location.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is always FREE!

Is stickypics restricted to phones only?

Stickypics is not restricted to phones only, you can access stickypics on any device that opens the website and select yours pictures from same device. Please note that stickypics will only upload pictures in the devices’ photo gallery.

Can pictures from social media applications be uploaded?

You will have to save the picture on your device photo gallery first.

What is the minimum photo resolution?

You will be notified if your pictures are not clear enough to be uploaded.

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